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October 31, 2022 - ZDevs Freeware

ZArchiver APK Free Download is a great platform for managing archives with a simple and well-designed interface. You can easily compress files like .rar files or .zip on Android. Numerous types of libraries can be created with Zarchiver. The app was published on January 9, 2017. Total interpretation 4 is available for download and is available in English. ZArchiver APK download for android.

What is ZArchiver app?

Simply, the Zarchiver app is a management app for archives on Android smartphones, tablets, TVs, etc. It’s perfect when you need to send large files over the Internet or to a portable flash drive. Even though this Zarchiver Apk is very light and is close to 4.8 megabytes, installing this ZArchiver app on older Android devices is not a difficult task. Any device from android 4.0.3 also known as android ice cream sandwich can install this app. ZArchiver APK download for android.

Zarchiver APK Free Download
Zarchiver APK Free Download

The latest version is and it brings extensive Android 11 support and many bug fixes. Zarchiver Apk has now been downloaded more than one hundred million times from Google Play Store and the number is increasing rapidly. This app is from ZDevs and they have many apps that help you manage files and folders easily. Also, the layout of the app is more customizable with the background, font size, and icons. So the app is more user-friendly than ever.

Produce multiple libraries

Unlike other library operations, Zarchiver helps you produce multiple libraries through a wide variety of formats similar as 7z( 7zip), zip, bzip2( bz2), XZ, and navigator.

Support split and multi-lines.

The app enables you to save space on your device by supporting spreadsheets and multi-file libraries.

Use of encryption styles

The app uses several encryption styles for the train, similar to AES- 256. Zarchiver APK download for android technical slate. Zarchiver APK download for android.

Use of word

You can use watchwords to cover your device and cover your content from others. You use zip and 7Z formats to set the word. ZArchiver APK download for android.

100 million downloads

Now, this ZArchiver app is veritably popular. Due to its fashionability, further than 100 million people have gathered on this app. occasionally the anthology hasn’t joined the app yet. However, then is your chance, If not. Try ZArchiver Apk. This will be easy for you as you’re familiar with the ZArchiver app. Try the app formerly and see what works.

Zarchiver APK download
Zarchiver APK download

Actually, it’s a safe app. It’s recommended to use for 3. As per my knowledge, ZArchiver Apk doesn’t contain any dangerous content for druggies. Although the ZArchiver app won’t harm the device. ZArchiver Apk has proven that it’s free of any dangerous malware after running a security checkup through the app. So do not worry about using it, it’s free from any detriment.


There are no advertisements in the app. In fact, advertisements are annoying to consumers. By using this app, druggies won’t have to face so important hassle of pop-up advertisements. Feel free and continue your work with ZArchiver Apk.

Free to use

Overall the app is free to use. There are no retired charges involved. This means that all the features in the app are free. The app can be used on aged or newer performances of Android. Enjoy ZArchiver Apk for free.

Enable Word protection.

The ZArchiver app is substantially for decompressing and creating lines. occasionally you have to keep your private lines then. or someone different’s particular train. So sequestration is what we want. You can cover 100 sequestrations by enabling word protection then. Through this security point, your particular details won’t be bared to anyone.

Compress and relax

When you partake in a huge train on the Internet, the compressed lines also resolve into the lower corridor, similar Split 7Zip lines can be created and mellowed by this Android app, and that corridor of Rar lines Also by the Zarchiver app for android.

Zarchiver APK download for android
Zarchiver APK download for android

Compress and decompress

The Zarchiver App can create archives in many archive types including “7z (7zip), zip, XZ, lz4, tar, bzip2 (bz2), gzip, and decompress archives in many archive types including 7z (7zip), zip,

Also, these train-type libraries can be edited on the cover without compressing and recompressing. Those train lines are” zip, 7zip, navigator, APK, and RAR” lines. lines can be added or edited and saved or removed without rooting and recompressing them.

File protection

In addition, it can open, edit and compress word-defended lines. Also, Zarchiver APK supports UTF- 8/ UTF- 16 for watchwords and train names. This means that every character of a train name or word in any language can be understood by the software.

App support

With Zarchiver Apk, you do not need to go to the train position and manage the archived train. Now you can directly open lines saved from correspondence apps, train apps, pall storehouse apps, and indeed social media apps using the Share option. I guarantee that with this app, your diurnal life will come easier than ever.

Easy to use

ZArchiver has the full functionality of train directors similar to copying, viewing, data, creating flyers, and participating lines. Just tap the button to elect and spurn, as well as hold down the menu button to open it. You don’t need any instructions to use the app.

How do I use ZArchiver?

Main Features

  • Library operation
  • Simple and well-systematized interface
  • Free
  • Work with different formats.
  • Edit and relax libraries.
  • Support revealed and multi-lines
  • Use a variety of encryption styles.
  • Use a word for particular protection.
  • Developer Website
  • Easy to use