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May 26, 2022 - Heymods Freeware

GB WhatsApp APK Download The rearmost interpretation is a completely streamlined mode of the sanctioned WhatsApp for Android. The app enables you to hide your online status, shoot up to 90 images and 30 MB of vids, shoot multiple videotape lines, type up to 250 characters for your status and get free themes. You can set the communication for a specific time with your favorite color, hide” codifying”, restate dispatches into your favorite language, and produce easy customization with emojis and stickers. Are Suitable for people who want to use 2 WhatsApp on the same device.

GBWhatsapp Apk has developed several videotapes calling features and sequestration druthers, with GBWhatsApp you’ll be suitable to use two software of the same android contrivance as WhatsApp Plus.

How can I install, modernize and download GbWhatsapp Hey mods?

GbWhatsapp Heymods Apk requires strong network connectivity of Android4.0.3 or advanced to download and update. Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to install the app.

  1. First, click on the free download for updates and new downloads.
  2. After downloading the GbWhatsapp Apk train. Click to open.
  3. Go to Settings and open the Security option.
  4. Enable” Unknown coffers” from the settings.
  5. Click the Launch button to download the app.
  6. Click the” Install” button to complete the download.
  7. Launch the app after installing.
  8. Enter your mobile number and stay for evidence which will be done with OPT bus law.
  9. Now select a picture for the profile.
  10. The app is ready to work.

Simple interface

The custom stoner-friendly interface is a bit like the real thing. You can fluently work on a simple and clear interface because the interface provides easy access to the camera, customizing the fountain, the rearmost menu for chancing connections, and much further.

WhatsApp GB Dual WhatsApp

Whatsapp Gb is the stylish option to use WhatsApp binary accounts. You can run GBWhatsapp and original Whatsapp operations on the same device at the same time.

Authentic sequestration

The sequestration option has been completely streamlined. You can hide your online status, blue ticks,” codifying”, and copy the status of any of your connections. Use” app cinch” to set a specific word to cover the discussion.

Easy discussion

Use a variety of options to make your discussion easier, similar as marking dispatches read from an announcement, checking communication history, canceling multiple dispatches, using the Broadcast option to shoot dispatches to a group, filtered dispatches, Andante-revocation point.

Fast and frequent sharing

The sanctioned WhatsApp follows some rules for transferring large AP lines, vids/ audio lines, and documents, but you can partake in videotape lines up to 50 MB and audio lines up to 100 MB, and prints and vids. Can be transferred without reduction. Partake your real-time position and shoot up to 200 connections at a time. Elect up to 100 MB of audio lines along with 100 images and share with your musketeers. Documents can be transferred in numerous formats, similar to PDF, TXT, or DOC.

Simple customization

The great variety of themes and sources helps you customize the app and apply custom themes and sources. Embellish your communication with a large number of collections offered by the app. Fit emoticons and stickers to fluently express your passions. You can add textbooks and shapes to images, and produce your memes and GIFs using the tool. You can also change the Miss Call Icons for secret purposes and download the uploaded status through your connections.

Anti-ban WhatsApp mode

You’ll find some different modes online but they aren’t safe as well as against the ban. Use GBWhatsapp mode with 100 security and defined security. In case of damage, just uninstall the old interpretation and install the rearmost interpretation of GBWhatsapp.

Rearmost interpretation

GbWhatsapp’s strict security point prevents hackers from playing your particular data, and you can not leave a communication indeed if you close the app. The app is veritably compatible with the sanctioned app and uses the WhatsApp redeemer to shoot and admit dispatches.

Compatible with all Devices

This is a third-party messaging app that offers full comity for iOS bias like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows, and further. Just click and partake your recollections from your desktop to tablet or mobile.

DND and dark mode

DND( Do not Disturb) and Dark Mode options give druggies more comfort. Online streaming enables you to view media before downloading, multiple figures can be projected, and the app supports multiple languages that enable you to restate dispatches into the language you want. Set patterns, watchwords, and fingerprints for fresh encryption. Not all connections need to be added, you can communicate with anyone who isn’t on your contact list.

Automatic reply

WhatsApp Business has introduced the Bus Reply option which you can now see in this modified interpretation of WhatsApp. Do not worry about dispatches, whether you are offline or online. Just set an automatic reply to the automatic reply option for one of your senders.

Long position

Official WA offers only 30 seconds of videotape and 75 words, rather, GBWhatsapp offers 7 twinkles of videotape and 250 words to upload statuses. You can copy the status of your connections to the clipboard.

Main Features

  • Easy installation system
  • Simple interface
  • Binary WhatsApp
  • Authentic sequestration
  • Easy discussion
  • Fast and frequent sharing
  • Simple customization
  • Anti-ban WhatsApp mode
  • Coffer and secure
  • Compatible with all bias
  • DND and dark mode
  • Automatic reply
  • Long position
  • Hide the history.
  • Hide double crack/ alternate crack.
  • Change the mentioned prognostications.
  • Change the color of the blacks.
  • Guess who is online and also seen.
  • Custom made theme style
  • Prognosticated on the rearmost edition of WhatsApp.
  • Active swipe to answer, group calling.
  • Active stickers.
  • Forward dispatches to anyone without a forwarding marker.
  • Forward limit enabled for Indian end druggies.
  • Learn the history of reading dispatches without connections/ group biographies.
  • Change the networking visibility of specific connections from the gallery.
  • Mark as reading information by telling.
  • With the program, it’s possible to elect all exchanges formerly from the home screen.
  • Bonded voice recording enabled for transferring long audio dispatches without touching the icon.
  • Get alarmed for canceled dispatches. Redundant people do not want to see them.
  • You can play WhatsApp vids with your favorite MusicPlayer.
  • Now you can see the group description in the title as usual.
  • Extra Payment Options- Dedicate to musketeers through your banking accounts.
  • Anti-cancellation dispatches.
  • Enabled live locales to talk live locales with your musketeers.
  • Cancel multiple WhatsApp dispatches at formerly.
  • Shoot 100 records at a time rather than 30.
  • GIF Hunt Extra with New Emojis.
  • Media machine downloads only for specific groups/ connections.
  • The videotape calling point is presently working.
  • Set group names to 3- 5 characters.
  • About 100 speech support
  • Fluently change the theme by entering the theme selection.
  • 2- 4 hours web mode( consume further battery)
  • Can be installed in confluence with the first WhatsApp without any collisions.
  • No, avoid trouble.

How to shoot prints and videotape calls via GB WhatsApp?

  • Shoot about 90 images in one click rather of 10 images.
  • Click hyperlinks without saving the admin and get paid on WhatsApp contact and group plutocrat.
  • Capability to copy named textbook to WhatsApp
  • You can also add your own WhatsApp cinch-heft with third-party programs.
  • You can also change the operation icon and trailing icon.

Take ours

Also, with the GB WhatsApp, you can produce and customize your theme, change the fountain and color, and do whatever you want, along with the option to hide converse announcements. Shoot large audio and videotape lines, in addition, it’s possible to set a word. Chats