VLC APK Download For Android

November 25, 2022 - VideoLAN Free

VLC APK Download For Android. VLC Media Player Apk for Android is a cross-platform tool for playing audio playlists as well as videos in any format. A reliable and featherlight video player with no format, codec or decode restrictions. A portable media player that allows you to play videotape lines, protocols, and network aqueducts. You can run the app on a device with ARMv 7 CPU to enjoy the extraordinary features of the app.

VLC APK For Android
VLC APK For Android

Play with any format

The app with its inflexibility enables you to play with any format similar to; MPEG to FLU and RMBU lines. The app also features codes with multithreaded decoding. It’s able of playing HD as well as Blu- shaft.

Preview files

The stylish media player enables you to exercise your lines while downloading. It also handles deficient downloading.

Integrated with channels

VLC isn’t only a media player but also provides easy access to channels. Tap on the playlist and select the option and directly pierce the track you want.

Add Subtitles

You can add mottoes to lines by adding SRI lines to vids flyers. This will enable you to play mottoes automatically


With some advancements, the interface is streamlined but needs a little further. You can change it through skins.

VLC APK Download
VLC APK Download

A free app

The VLC media player is free. A veritably easy and stable program for you to download and enjoy a lot.

Use of gestures

pointers help you control brilliance, volume and search with ease. It also enables you to watch videos over and over again.


  1. Read USB Storage to know about media files
  2. Deletion of USB storage for deleting files and subtitles
  3. Access to Network for running online streaming
  4. Stop sleeping on your phone during a video is playing
  5. Change the audio setting for changing the volume
  6. Internet connectivity for connecting the network
  7. Control vibration for giving feedback

Main Features

  • A multi-platform for playing videos and audio
  • Play with any format
  • Preview your files even during downloading
  • Integrated with channels
  • Add subtitles to your files
  • Free of cost app
  • Use of gestures for an easy search