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December 21, 2022 - DU Recorder Free
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DU Screen Recorder APK Download allows you to record what’s passing on your Android screen and live stream to all social media apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc. You can fluently record video calls, games, live shows, or short sports videos. The app offers high-quality videotape with editing tools that enable you to acclimate the resolution and other options before uploading the recorded video. You can also take screenshots.

Multiple modes

The app offers two different modes. Basic Mode and Standard Mode to choose one to record your screen. It’s also recommended by the app grounded on the device’s features, but also select the app’s settings.

DU Screen Recorder APK
DU Screen Recorder APK

Basic Mode Basic mode is best suited for slow that have limited storehouse. This prevents your device from posing video recording videos in low resolution.,

Standard Mode, A device with rearmost or advanced specs can elect stalled mode. Videos record videos in high resolution, which offers high audio quality. This type of recording is essential for live-streaming games that are played online.

Screen recording

Just use the one-click the floating icon to record your screen and valve it again to stop recording. After registering, use the erected- editing tools to make your videotape unique and seductive, including beating, incorporating, adding audio, and more.

Video Call Recording

Use the floating DU controls to record your videotape call from launch to finish. Just press the button again and stop recording whenever you want.

Edit your video

No need to use any third-party videotape editing tool because the erected-in video editing tool with many editing features enables you to edit vids fluently and save time and energy. saving vids in any format; 360p, 720p, and 1080p are also possible. Using the app’s editing tool, you can remove any redundant corridor with the help of the trouncing point, add audio using the app’s library,

DU Screen Recorder Download
DU Screen Recorder Download

and add textbooks and mottoes as a bit of detail for a simple videotape. Can, and add pollutants, stickers, or watermarks. Acclimate videotape volume and speed, crop and rotate it, and apply a variety of pollutants and goods to give your videotape a fancy look. Convert videotape formats to GIFs and record videotape responses using the Facecam point. And combine different corridors of the videotape into a particular videotape.

Live Streaming

Enjoy live streaming on any social media app using this mind-blowing app. It also allows streaming of colorful social media apps, television shows, pictures, or games. You need to log in to your YouTube account or another app, select Settings and set your sequestration position, allow observers to note on the sluice, and start streaming using the frontal camera.

The app offers some live streaming benefits, similar as offering high-quality judgments, choosing your followership( public, private, or unrecorded), and support for live tools, including custom watermarks, Live themes, live pauses, etc. You can record the microphone and internal audio contemporaneously. It also supports RTMP addresses.

DU Recorder Premium APK

DU Recorder Premium APK offers an introductory interpretation for free and a free trial interpretation for the pro interpretation. You can get the pro interpretation to enjoy several advanced features, including watermark junking, custom pause image, speed, cropping, RTMP broadcast,

personality feedback channel, etc. You can pay the subscription figure using your iTunes account, which will automatically renew after a specified period. You can turn off automatic renewal from the app’s account settings.

DU Screen Recorder
DU Screen Recorder

How to use DU Recorder

With a simple interface, the app offers a straightforward to record vids or prisoner screenshots. You’ll get a floating contrivance that can acclimate anywhere. Just click on the device and continue your recording session. Click the button and start the recording process.

And stop the processing using the same button. However, drag and drops the contrivance to the bottom of the screen, If you want to control the videotape recording. You can also take screenshots from the same widget or announcement bar. Use the app’s editing tools to edit screenshots or videos after saving them to your device.

Why is DU Recorder Best Screen Recorder?

DU Recorder APK can record high-quality professional, standard clear, and smooth videos on your mobile devices like Android and Ios as well as your PC. Some of the popular features of this tool are a video recorder, audio recorder, video, audio editing, screen capture, etc.

So it helps you record your video gaming sessions, live shows, video calls, and anything happening on your screen. Further, the screen broadcast feature will help you broadcast your screen live on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and many more.

Because of this feature, many video games like DU Recorder live stream applications. So they show their gaming skills live in front of the public. Thus, you can share and stream movies, TV shows, sporting events, musical shows, and more with others.

In addition, you can set broadcasting resolutions, audience comments, and so on, as per your preference. Even if your mobile devices come with screenshot capabilities, they are not as comprehensive as the DU Recorder tool. So DU Recorder app will enhance the screenshot-taking features of your mobile device.

Main Feature

  • Support audio recording
  • Livestream your screen to different platforms
  • High-quality screen recording
  • Powerful video editing features
  • Multiple Modes
  • Video Call Recording
  • Screen Recording
  • Game Recording
  • Live Stream
  • Video Editor
  • Developer Website

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DU Recorder premium?

DU Recorder premium is a paid version of the application that provides additional features to the free version.

How to stream DU Recorder output on Snapchat?

You can stream the DU Recorder screen recording live to your Snapchat on the social media sharing area of the app.

How to Fix DU Recorder no sound issue?

Ensure you have enabled the audio recording feature if it is an internal sound recording. If it is an external sound recording, please ensure you have connected your microphone correctly. That fixes the Audio not working problem with the app.

How to Download DU Recorder Pro APK?

Please go to the official download section of the website and subscribe to the Pro version.

How to Download DU Recorder for Chromebook?

You can download the app from the play store or chrome web store

What is DU Recorder Mod APK?

MOD APK offers all the premium features of DU Recorder free of charge, and it is a non-official version

What are the best Alternatives to DU Recorder?

AZ Screen Recorder APK is considered one of the best alternatives for a DU Recorder.

How to Use DU Recorder App for Live Streaming?

First, start your live streaming session on your screen and then broadcast it to any platform like Youtube, Facebook, and so on.

How to stream Facetime through DU Recorder?

There is no difference in what you stream, so you can click on the record button on the DU Recorder and then start your Facetime session to record and stream.

How to Remove DU Recorder watermark?

The free version comes with the Watermark. However, to remove the DU Recorder watermark, you must get the app’s premium or Mod version.

How to recover DU Recorder deleted video files?

When you delete a recorded video file, it usually moves the file to the Recycle bin. so that you can restore the file from there.