GBWhatsapp Pro Latest Version 19.60.1

May 26, 2022 - Freeware
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GBWhatsapp Pro Apk Whatsapp is the top edited interpretation of GB which offers inflexibility, authority, and control over the account. Enjoy the amazing experience of drooling with a completely customizable UI. It was developed by HeyMods, the notorious generators of transparent apps like WhatsApp Transparent, with a fully safe and secure position. The app offers better functionality with unlimited new and unique features that are fully missing in the sanctioned WhatsApp.

The anti-malicious app is a great invention of Android, and it’s fluently compatible with Xiaomi, Mi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and numerous other smartphones.

How To Download And Install GBWhatsapp Pro Apk

You need to have GBWhatsapp Pro installed on Android interpretation4.0 or advanced, spark” unknown sources”, and it’s compatible with confirmed and non-rooted Android bias. It isn’t available on any of the distribution services like Google Play Store, because it’s a modified interpretation of the original app, so you’ll need to pierce another legal website to download the app.

You must download the app as well as follow the instructions to install it.

  1. Go to your device’s settings, open the Security option, and enable” Unknown Sources”.
  2. Start the download process by pressing the” Download” button handed.
  3. The downloaded train will be saved in” Downloads” by dereliction, or you need to open” Train Director” to find the train.
  4. Next, click the” Install” button, and stay for the installation to complete.
  5. Open the operation after completing the installation process.
  6. Enter your particular information and phone number.
  7. Eventually, enter the philanthropist’s OPT and corroborate your account.

Unlimited sequestration options

The app offers numerous sequestration options for you to enjoy a fully reliable secure chatting experience. It works in several ways, similar as;

  1. General Category This is for other important online conditioning rather than precluding you from seeing
  2. your last time and just drooling with musketeers, hiding your name from your contact’s” status view” list, and reading the sender’s deleted dispatches. Enables you to secure your online status. Or answer them fluently.
  3. Connections order Order is the stylish option to hide all the functions related to your converse, similar as hiding double and blue ticks, blue microphone sign, codifying status, etc.
  4. Group Category 2 This order is related to your group’s conditioning and does everything in the same way as in a contact order.

Customize your screen with GBWhatsapp HeyMods

The simple and intuitive interface can be fluently customized with a variety of customization options. You can change the entire main screen, and navigation bar, hide floating buttons and change the status of statuses like Instagram stories.

  1. Writing style; Avoid boring dereliction sources by choosing from a variety of fountain styles. These styles are available in English as well as Arabic. Just go to settings style and change the color of the app icon, the color of the announcement, the type of fountain, etc.
  2. Themes give access to themes from the app settings and you can download themes from the Internet or fluently upload them to the app from your device.
  3. Background setting; Click the” Cargo from Gallery” option and fluently change the background of your drooling screen, status screen, or calls screen. Just select an image or print from the gallery or upload it, and you can remove this setting to restore the dereliction settings.

DND and dark mode

Avoid the inflow of annoying dispatches by cranking DND mode. This is a great way to do other important online conditioning. The dark mode is another amazing point to cover your sight. You can enable this mode from the top bar of the main screen. Then you’ll find a crescent-shaped icon for the internet, disable the icon and your app network will be turned off.

Automatically reply to WhatsApp Pro dispatches

You have an internal bus-reply option to keep in touch with your guests, associates, or musketeers indeed when you are busy. You just set some keywords with the answers. Whenever you are not available, this scheduler will automatically respond to keyword dispatches. Also, there’s an erected- status downloader to save the status of your favorite person. Just select the status and tap the download button, the status will be saved in your phone’s gallery.

Unlimited sharing

Media sharing is another awful and amazing point. You’re free from numerous restrictions that are part of the original Whatsapp. As you can shoot 100 filmland to unlimited people. It’s possible to shoot videotape with 10 MB and audio with 100 MB. Enable a pop-up messaging point to admit important announcements on your device screen.

Anti-Delete Dispatches

The app enables you to read deleted dispatches from your sender. Because anti-deleted mode will restore deleted dispatches or statuses that have been deleted before 24 hours. You can fluently change the dereliction language to the language of your choice.

GB WhatsApp Pro Web

You can also use the mode on the big screen. Just overlook your QR law with the help of a camera or mobile, and spark the mode on your PC.

Communication scheduler

You have the stylish option to shoot birthday, birthday or any other event felicitations to your musketeers or family. Just acclimate the asked words in the textbook, and set the time, date, and philanthropist name. And forget about transferring late dispatches. The app will shoot your communication on time without your intervention. Also, the app enables you to shoot your live position to your musketeers or family, especially in the event of a mishap.

Coffer and secure

The app is 100 safe and secure from any kind of malware, contagion, or other similar dangerous material. Back over and restore your deleted WhatsApp exchanges. In case of deleting dispatches, you choose to go to settings to restore your converse on the” Recover or Provisory” option. They are all the options available to change the look of your screen.

  1. Imagination Elect the theme option from the settings, select your favorite theme and change it to your favorite color and fountain.
  2. Wallpaper Change your converse background wallpaper.
  3. Choose one of the three drooling options. Automatic image downloads, vids, or documents.
  4. With Settings, you can produce groups and broadcast lists to grow your business.

GB WhatsApp Pro for iPhone

GBWhatsapp Pro is now also available for iOS bias. You need to follow the instructions to install the app on your iPhone.

  1. First, download the iOS train to install GBWhatsapp Pro on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the training director or the brochure where you saved the iOS train.
  3. Open the train, click on it, and start the installation process.
  4. Launch the app, and log in with your phone number after attesting the number. The app is ready to work on your device.

Main Features

  • Installation and system conditions
  • Unlimited sequestration options
  • Customize your screen
  • DND and dark mode
  • Automatically reply to dispatches
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Anti-Delete Dispatches
  • GB WhatsApp Pro Web
  • Communication scheduler
  • Coffer and secure
  • Back over and restore your deleted exchanges.