App Cloner APK

May 26, 2022 - AppListo Freeware

App Cloner Apk for Android lets you install any app multiple times and run it independently from its original interpretation. App Cloner provides a large number of editing preferences for tweaking the rearmost app dupe. Save the saved interpretation of the original app before revamping, as reproduced apps may not admit any updates. In case of multiple logins or logout, the right choice is necessary, similar to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and especially for game apps where you need to submit racecourses.

Features of App Cloner APK

Simple process

Settings allow you to change app names or icons, cancel contraptions as well as gratuitous apps, automatic startups, stop backups, and access to Wi-Fi for apps that use data. You can also block retired apps that block. Also reproduced your Android Wear watches or apps.

Security and sequestration

It’s more secure to use the app to keep your sequestration strong. App Cloner offers several sequestration options similar as word protection apps with covert mode, bogus calculating apps, blocking access to connections or calls logs, sequestration, Wi-Fi information as well as hiding SIM and driver information., Avoiding screenshots, and more.

Simple interface

A nice and simple interface with a combination of bright blue and white. Main Window 10 ends with Android Dark Modes and Rotation Clock. You can capture screenshots, view and change textbooks, partake in everything, and edit screen size, language, and dereliction sources.

Navigate reliably.

App Cloner offers numerous options for navigating fluently and efficiently. Just as you can use long presses for reverse and point touches, use floating back gates and popup blockers to help gratuitous exertion.

Secure storehouse

Secure your phone storehouse Use OBB extension lines, and SD cards, and disable access to prints and media. Mobile can be made safer by turning external storehouses, stopping app backups, and keeping app data uninstalled promptly.

Main Features

  • Clone multiple app clones.
  • Change the app icon or name.
  • A valid choice in case of multiple logins or logout
  • Simple process
  • Simple interface with a combination of bright blue and white
  • 10 Android Dark Mode
  • Navigate reliably.