Film Maker Pro APK

May 23, 2022 - cerdillac Free

Film Maker Pro APK is the best video editor & free movie video maker for both professionals and beginners. We have the most useful video editing features that other top pro video editors and slideshow maker apps have, but more convenient to edit and professional to display. film maker pro mod apk.

Create Hollywood-style movies of great power like a pro director. Share on WhatsApp & YouTube. Also on Tik Tok! The power of this video guru editor won’t disappoint you. Film Maker Pro Download

Free Video Editor & Video Maker

Film Maker provides detailed tutorials to edit videos and quickly become an mv master. Everyone can be a pro director of great power using Film Maker editing features, combining clips to share, capturing exciting moments & cuts. Make your video show and share it with friends after you cut.

Film Maker Pro
Film Maker Pro

Free Video Intro Templates

With our FREE, video no crop & well-designed intro templates, you can make an intro for a video and YouTube channel with intro templates of multiple themes. It is the best video intro maker you can find! Video outro templates will soon be available, too. Film Maker Pro Apk Download.

FX Video Editor app

Edit videos with popular Shake & Glitch video effects. Use this fx video editor app free to become a video guru and get tons of likes on Instagram & Tik Tok! Film Maker Pro Mod.

Video Speed Editor

Create a slow-motion video to present stunning cinematic time-lapse effects. This video speed controller will help you add action movie effects & after-effects like a pro director. Alight your motion graphics towards professional-quality animation. Film Maker Pro Without Watermark

Text Animation & Cute Stickers

We provide 50+ text animation presets, of course, you can edit them yourself. Cut and decorate your videos with cute or cool stickers, such as love and blaze. A funny video editor with prepared funny emojis, sound effects & after effects.

Free Music Video Editor & Lyric Video Maker

Make a rhythmic video with 100+ FREE featured music in this lyric video maker. Add voice-over narration (in) vlog, adjust volume &speed. Set fade or trim in this video maker & slideshow maker with music and effects.

Film Maker APK
Film Maker APK

Transition Video Editor & Video Filters

Lightworks, movies, and 50+ fabulous filters are available for choice, such as retro & selfies. Camera movement and other 50+ video transitions effects for videos to be added between video clips. This is the best transition video editor you can find.

Clip Maker, Video Cropper, and Editor

A pocket video editor & movie maker that helps rotate video, crop video, compress and combine videos without losing quality.

Blending Modes Movie Maker

Create excellent double exposure effects from video overlays and blending modes.

Video Compressor & Converter

Save videos from this video maker & upload them to YouTube, and WhatsApp. Share your final cut from this video editor with friends. Free to export video in 1080p & 4K (some devices) with no quality loss.

Multiple Layers Video Maker & Multi-timeline Video Editor:

An intuitive editing interface to zoom in & out precisely frame by frame in this video editor app.

Picture in Picture (PIP)

(Being tested on some devices) Easily create picture-in-picture videos, a seamless combination of videos and photos.

Green Screen & Chroma Key

Replace background and combine videos in Hollywood style using the chroma key in this green screen video editor.

Film Maker Pro APK
Film Maker Pro APK

Use this pocket video editing movie master & video guru maker to cap cut & edit videos, make luma fusion & intro. Edit Filmora & movies. And make the final cut like a pro filmmaker & kinemaster. Be the shiniest pocket video vlog star editor and the best video shop in getting pro filmi videos as a movie maker. Alight your motion graphics to vivacity a video leap rush towards professional premiere quality intimate animation.

Using a device equipped with powerful video decoding functionalities will give you a better and smoother video editing experience in Film Maker.

Film Maker Features:

  • Multiple Layers Video Maker & Multi-timeline Video Editor
  • Free Music Video Editor & Lyric Video Maker
  • Transition Video Editor & Video Filters
  • Clip Maker, Video Cropper, and Editor
  • Free Video Editor & Video Maker
  • Text Animation & Cute Stickers
  • Video Intro Templates
  • FX Video Editor app
  • Video Speed Editor
  • ¬†Picture in Picture (PIP)
  • Green Screen & Chroma Key
  • Blending Modes Movie Maker
  • Video Compressor & Converter