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We upload Full Software Setup in a single direct link from our servers. Even if the Setup size is 50 GB, this is not as easy a task as it sounds. Because when thousands of users start downloading these large files, we have to add more servers to handle the bandwidth. Therefore we have to pay the massive monthly rent to keep these servers up and running.

Secondly, we hate to give any third-party free file-sharing links because they can die sooner or later. Although they are free, we don’t use them. Because after six months or so, all free links can be dead. The same is the case with torrents which can become dead eventually, and there are no seeders.

That is why we decided to take the hit and rent servers for you. So that you can download unlimited files with a single direct link. But with the growing file sizes, this is getting hard because we have to rent more and more servers to handle the bandwidth. I would also like to add that we spend an enormous amount of time testing software before uploading so that you may not face any problems.

So now we need your support. This will help us to pay the monthly rent of our servers. You can pay as little as $1. Because every penny counts, please pay as much as possible and show your love.

Donate via Paypal:-

Below is our PayPal donation address. Please click below, and you’ll land on the official Paypal website for payment. You can enter any amount you like.

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You can also send us cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wallet Address: bc1qx2ruzq36uw2hhh66ym5ng3mp8utprafchja639

If you need some other currency wallet, feel free to contact us.

After Payment, please send an email to the below address.

[email protected]

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